Delivery packaging is not only boxes or bags

Between needs and trend

During the lockdown time, delivery packaging has become essential - for many business - to be able to continue offering their service. Takeaway and delivery packaging are not the only used to carry something, but is also an important tool to improve promotion and customer loyalty.

Even the design and paper manufcatoring companies like ours are committed to providing their customers with support throughout the design and production process of functional, original, customizable, recyclable and, last but not least, affordable delivery packaging. Among the various models of take-away packaging designed by CM Cartotecnica Moderna, our stackable crayes in 3 sizes made of white or brown corrugated cardboard, and the sushi boxes suitable for 4,6 ar 10 pieces, were particularly successful. Concerning the shopping bags the very best sellers are the original bag-box Bauletto and the classic manuale shopping bags, both exclusively in paper to be strictly eco-friendly.

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